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Commercial Roofing Installation


Frederick Roofing has been working with commercial and business property owners since 1966. During that time Frederick has established a reputation for excellence and dependability in commercial roofing..

When you are looking for someone for your commercial roofing needs, you want someone that can provide all the services. Frederick Roofing is that commercial roofing contractor. We can offer you:

Commercial Roofing - Louisville, KYInstallation of Commercial roofing systems
Service & Repairs for commercial roofing systems
Maintenance for commercial roofing systems
Maintenance plans for commercial roofing systems through onsite inspections with reports available

Frederick Roofing works only with the finest roofing systems for your business. We can evaluate your needs and give you the system that best fits your situation whether is for an existing building or new construction. Our systems include:

Single-Ply Systems
      Firestone Single-Ply
      Retrofit Solutions for Metal Roofs
       IB Roof Systems
      GAF Roof Systems
Metal Roof Systems & Guttering
Modified Systems & Guttering
Copper Roofing Systems & Guttering

When you have a business that needs to be up and running every day, you need a roofing system that will not fail you rain or shine. Let Frederick Roofing be your commercial roofing company and make sure your business is protected.

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