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Commercial Roofing Repair, Service & Maintenance


With over 50 years’ experience, Frederick Roofing can offer you the service and repairs for your commercial roof. We can provide you with service and repairs on:

Built-Up Roofing Systems
Modified Roofing Systems
Single-Ply Roofing Systems
Metal Roofing Systems

Frederick Roofing can:

Fix your leak
Repair a specific area of damage from hail and wind
Restore your roof
Respond to any need you have to keep your business up and running

Frederick Roofing can also inspect your roof, provide a report and create a maintenance plan that will keep it in good shape. This proactive service will give you more value from your roof with a longer life expectancy.

When you’re protecting your investment in your business, you need someone you can trust. Frederick Roofing is the partner you need for your commercial roofing maintenance.

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