Here is a Customer Checklist for you to review before we start work at your home:

  • Please remove all cars from your driveway when roofing crew arrives at your home
  • Please keep all children inside while crew is working on your house
  • Please keep all pets inside while crew is working
  • Please remove anything breakable from the walls including picture frames, plates, etc.
  • Please change your air conditioning filter after the job is complete
  • Please check your gas hot water heater to make sure the vent pipe is centered on the heater
  • In advance of our crew starting, please notify Frederick Roofing of any special property concerns

Be sure to go over your Roofing Checklist with everyone in your family

Give us a call at (502)451-3992

Frederick Roofing is always working to make the work site as safe as possible for everyone.

Give us a call at (502)451-3992

Give us a call at (502) 451-3992

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